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Your new bass player...

he's very random, isn't he ?

Do you play Guitar Hero ?

I tried. I was rubbish. It's a flawed concept. You have to play in time with flashing lights on the screen... not with the music. Actually being able to play guitar is a handicap! Fuck it off! I did...and now I'm a happy guy.

How many guitars do you own ?

My old Squier strat is fucked so I've started playing a Squier Tele and I love it. Why oh why didn't I play a tele years ago? I have a couple od endorsement deals but they're both for bass guitar.
Warwick is one. Moser is the other. Jon Poole also wears TUK shoes and Conrad Knight socks!

Jon Poole

© Photo by Trudi Knight

The people on our forum have some questions for you !

Kinglaurie1: You’re credited with the arrangements on Sing To God alongside Tim. What was that like, and how did it work?

This was a joyous and creative time and easily the best time I had in the band which is strange as I was going through upheaval in my personal life and had to keep walking off into the fields to have a good old blub but maybe this added to it all!
We took the studio to Jim and Jane's place in the countryyyy. When I arrived there Jim and Jane were adding snipping sounds with garden tools to "Wireless".
To this day I think it's one of Jane's proudest moments and I love hearing her tell other people about how surreal it was.
Tim would have drums and rough keyboard chords on tape and would ask me to come up with guitar and bass riffs. I was literaly allowed to do pretty much anything I wanted. Tim would then do the production bit and get the best out of me.
I remember Tim had programmed the weird bit in the middle of Odd Even and left me to find a guitar line amoungst the chords so I was sat on my own dropping myself in. When he came back it was done and he was very happy... particularly with my choice of last note!
We would both make suggestions then Tim would edit the ideas into something that worked.
Tim would chip in with ideas for my songs too like the string arrangement on "Manhoo" which was lovely.
During this phase of recording Jim and Jane invited all our friends over every so often for parties that have now gone down in history as being nothing short of legendary. I still can't listen to Mr Bungle or Mercury Rev without having disturbing flashbacks!
It was a wonderful time and something that I'm so lucky to have been a part of. Tim would no doubt echo that.

Steve Adams: How did you get the nickname Random?

In 2000 I got the job playing bass with Ginger from The Wildhearts in a project called Silver Ginger 5.
I was told we were to play our first gigs in Japan in two weeks time.
I was excited and concerned about getting a new band ready in such a short space of time.
I turned up at Backstreet rehearsal studios, Holloway Road (Don't look for's not there anymore!) and the drummer didn't show up but he called to say he couldn't do it. Also Ginger wasn't there.
The only people there were me and the guitarist, Conny Bloom (from Hanoi Rocks!) so we decided to meet Ginger's manager in the pub over the road and work out what the hell we were gonna do.
We sat there getting drunk whilst Conny talked to a drummer he knew called Tom Broman about doing the gigs. He agreed to do it and at that moment I was filled with excitement of playing in Japan, the fact we had a drummer and the fact that The Who's "5.15" had just started blaring out of the pub juke box.
In front of the guitarist and the manger, both of whom I'd never met before, I jumped up on the table, kicked over our pints and strutted up and down the table miming along with Roger Daltrey whilst doing the odd bit of "air brass". The guitarist loved it but the manager looked slightly concerned.
The next day Ginger called the manager to see how our meeting went.
"Er ,Yeah, Ginger, em fine.... incidently, your new bass player: He's very random isn't he?"
Now bare in mind that the phrase "Random" wasn't used in such a way in 2000 as it is now (and I'm fucking sure that's coz of me but blah blah) and Ginger thought this was really funny and I think he'd had concerns over how to market a bald bloke in a mod suit to a bunch of rockers so decided that giving me a nickname may endear me to the metal crowd.
So "Random Jon Poole" was born.

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