The Fall, Exeter Phoenix, 27 March 2007

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Can't we have all of these discussions perfectly well, probably better, without forcing a multiple choice, or needing a separate forum?

Yeah, I get lost checking all these forums too, and it's not as if Fadeless Splendour or the others are moving too fast, and you can post a Poll anywhere if you want one
Nah, sod off Worms you meddling git
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Postby clippa » Sat Mar 31, 2007 11:01

I vote die baldo

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Postby Made Of Worms » Sat Mar 31, 2007 15:01

I've just wasted ten minutes of my life trying to gouge out a joke. Die Baldo could be a niche German journal for the follically challenged, I thought, and then I thought, isn't 'bald' the German for 'soon' so you just called me 'die soon', etc, etc. It was a hard night and now I need a nice walk.

Anyway MES's present drummer back there is the spit of Dan in the pub who can get you anything, but especially chlamydia.