the merits of colorful

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the merits of colorful

Postby qizhen0809 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 03:24

How to identify the merits of colorful paint to distinguish the merits of colorful paint mainly "four look": a look at the colorful solution After a period of time after the storage, one of the pattern particles will sink, there will be a layer of protective glue solution. fence material list Denmark
Generally about the total amount of colorful paint about 1/4, where the quality of good colorful paint, protective glue solution showed colorless or slightly yellow, and more clear. Second, the floating material of good quality and colorful paint, in the protection of the surface of the glue solution, usually no floating objects, there are very few kinds of color floating debris, is normal.where is modernview decking made
Three to see the material to take a transparent glass, into a half cup of water, and then take a little colorful paint, into the glass of water stirring. Where the quality of colorful paint, the cup of water is still clearly bottomed out, the particles in the water is relatively independent, the size of the particles is very uniform. Four to see the sale price of good quality and colorful paint, by the regular manufacturers according to the formula production, affordable; and poor quality of the production of colorful paint cut corners, low cost, better than the quality of the sale of colorful paint cheaper.get pots lifted off deck
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