according to the surface material mainly

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according to the surface material mainly

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:41

<p>wood paint, from inside to outside are required to be pure wood. Theoretically can also be called &quot;solid wood composite door.&quot; Second, the solid wood suite door type 1, according to the surface material mainly walnut, cherry, sand Billy, mahogany, shirt wood, teak, pear, oak, catalpa wood, ash, and so on. 2, the function points by the use of access door, bedroom door, study door, kitchen door, bath health door; hotel room door, bathroom guard door, corridor </p>
<p>door, office commercial door. 3, according to the opening way Slide rail: horizontal push open, do not take up space, mainly for the kitchen door, bathroom door. Hinge door: turn open. Mainly used for door, bedroom door, office door. 4, according to the door and the process of the whole glass doors, glass doors, plate doors, core board doors. Plate door for the closed, no perspective through the light, and more for the portal and bedroom door, body nice, </p>
<p>good overall. Third, the solid wood suite door The main material solid wood composite suite door, this type of door can be said to be the mainstay of the market, a bit like the floor of the solid wood flooring, solid wood composite door is basically 100% pine or fir as a door core. Pine is the largest amount of stock in China, the most widely distributed area, the largest area of ??artificial forest coniferous species, pine trees are tall trees, fast growth, trunk straight, </p>
<p>synthetic wood for decks<br />
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