existence of a certain degree of natural

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existence of a certain degree of natural

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:04

<p>structural weakness of the wood, but also retains its touch and perception of the advantages. 4, microcrystalline stone wood flooring in the production process can produce recycled materials can be recycled, finished in a number of years after the use of recyclable flooring, due to the use of high-tech, microcrystalline stone wood waterproof floor can be widely used in office , Commercial, hotel, swimming pool, landscape and other indoor and outdoor places. 5, </p>
<p>saving environmental protection, the focus is on the protection of forest resources. China's forest resources are seriously scarce, according to statistics, only the traditional decoration industry and wood flooring industry, the annual consumption of forest resources are more than 1.2 million cubic meters, accounting for 20% of the total resource consumption, in recent years, as China's economy continues to be stable Of the rapid development of real estate </p>
<p>industry, people's living standards increased rapidly, home decoration continued to heat up, the market demand for renovation of the floor products will be a sharp increase in demand. 6, although the microcrystalline stone flooring and wood flooring in many ways have in common, but the main raw material of microcrystalline floor stone powder, wood than the main raw material of wood flooring, with high strength, good stability, low cost advantages , And has a </p>
<p>white wood composite railing indoor<br />
armstrong wood works wood slat price<br />
deck materials composite anti slip</p>
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