exporter of plywood exports

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exporter of plywood exports

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 15:42

<p>increasing the enterprise's innovative capacity, in order to achieve our country from the flooring manufacturer to the flooring powerhouse leap. The domestic flooring market by the 'double reverse' effect,<a href='http://goodfloorings.com/flooring/1597.html'>water proofing for hemfir lumber</a> the floor export business fought domestic sales, making the domestic flooring market intensified competition. Faced with the harsh market environment, flooring companies have different strategies. Reporter learned from the industry,diy decking for kennels some companies will be the second and third tier cities as a key development area, the iconic nature of the well-known flooring companies are targeting the protection of housing, hardcover housing market, while some companies </p>
<p>are more optimistic about the high-end market,<a href='http://abouthardwoodfloor.com/wall-panel/4806.html'>affordable outdoor flooring malaysia</a> Yongji floor It has recently launched a self-developed high-end new products. It is understood that over the years in the high-end flooring market floor brands are mostly imported. The price of imported solid wood flooring is more than one thousand yuan per square meter, while the domestic floor with the same quality and even better quality is mostly five or six hundred yuan or even less. As a result,hollow core concrete slab china some domestic flooring manufacturers plan to share in the high-end market. 'In fact, the number of domestic high-end consumer groups and not less, they are more imported brands because most of the </p>
<p>domestic products failed to make them find the feeling.' Huji Qing, chairman of flooring that if the domestic flooring business To enter the high-end market,<a href='http://wooddeck-kit.com/wall-panel/2663.html'>pvc composite shower wall panels</a> must be in the store environment, shopping guide quality and service support has been improved. However, according to the reporter, it is different from the domestic flooring enterprises to march into the mid-to-high end market that some imported floor brands are considering appropriately lowering their social status. Lv Bin, secretary general of China Forest Products Industry Association Floor Committee,how to add lattice to my hand railings of my deck pointed out that the flooring enterprises in China are in the process of transformation </p>
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