bamboo flooring and a small amount

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bamboo flooring and a small amount

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 03:51

<p>demand for building materials market is eight times that of our country, so the potential international business opportunities for wood flooring are huge. China's wooden flooring industry,<a href=''>pontoon boat fiberglass floor sheets</a> although the market prospects are broad, but also face low-level, repeated competition problems. As early as 2004, China's wood floor production reached 258 million square meters, an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan, has attracted a lot of money and business influx. As of 2007, there have been at least 3,000 companies in one. Huge nascent market space to accommodatecheap wood plastic composite decking low-level competition, flooring business marketing a single means of quick success, </p>
<p>but this marketing strategy does not bring much market value to the enterprise. August 18, strengthen the wood flooring brand Wang resistance and parquet brand than Ka first marriage,<a href=''>wood wall advantages</a> co-investment in Beijing than Ka floor Ltd.. Zhang Lin, chairman of China Forest Products Industry Association, pointed out that the use of laminate flooring business marketing experience and sales network resources to promote parquet,polymer composites market China's wooden floor market structure changes have an important significance and role. Canadian anti-dumping duties on laminated wood flooring in China are set at 26.6%. In response to this situation, experts have unanimously agreed on </p>
<p>this issue. Last month, CBSA released the anti-dumping / countervailing duty on Canadian laminate flooring The result of the decision was that dumping of laminate flooring originating in or exported from Austria,<a href=''>outdoor composite decking singapore</a> Belgium, China, France, Germany and Poland was ruled. Among them, the dumping margin for Chinese products is 26.6% and the subsidy rate is 2.01%. According to Canadian law, exporters may submit written proposals to Canadian Border Agency within 60 days starting from the date of the announcement of the preliminary decision, Modify its export prices so as to eliminate the damagevinyl hand railing labor costdone to the domestic industries caused by dumping; </p>
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